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  • hodogaya-candle

    Hodogaya Candle Night

    Better known for its cemetery, there is also a large prefectural park in Hodogaya where there will be a celebration for the “last night of summer”. In and around the Ume-en (plum garden) area of Kanagawa Prefectural Hodogaya Park – [...]

    August 30th - Hodogaya
  • Photo by Koubou Yamamomo used under Creative Commons.

    Chofu Yosakoi 2014

    33 Yosakoi dance teams will participate in this one day festival. The parade route will be on the street that connects Chofu and Fuda stations. Aside from dancing there will be lots of “festival” food on offer including oden, chijimi, [...]

    August 31st - Chofu