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    The 18th Nakaita Heso Matsuri

    Heso is Japanese for belly button.  This festival in Nakaita  features Eisa Dancing, Belly Dancing and ‘Heso Odori’ – belly button dancing. As far as we can tell, Heso Odori is basically painting a face on your belly and putting [...]

    July 26th - Itabashi
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    Kagurazaka Matsuri

    For more of a local Edo matsuri fix with yatai (outdoor festival food), lanterns, crowds and dancing, the 43rd Kagurazaka Matsuri in this lovely Tokyo neighbourhood on Friday from about 7pm until late on the 25th and 26th. The festival will take place on Kagurazaka Dori [...]

    July 25th - July 26th - Kagurazaka
  • Pic by Mikey V, used under Creative Commons.

    Ippudo Ramen: A Quick Slurp in a Bustling Metropolis

    With thousands of ramen restaurants and chains scattered throughout Tokyo, a newcomer to Japan may find the task of choosing and ordering a simple bowl of ramen daunting. Exploring a small street in Nishi-Gotanda (a thriving little nook that overlooks [...]

    July 22nd -
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    Café VG: Veggie Lunch Haven in Waseda

    The Waseda neighborhood, an area boasting the famous university of the same name, is a hotbed of budget eats and international restaurants. Students can chow down cheaply on food from Burmese to Spanish tapas to yes, delicious and healthy vegetarian [...]

    July 20th -